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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Update on Inn Love reality????

The following are the comments I posted to bnbfinder after watching the show tonight:

I wish them all the best and while I am sure that they mean well, the fact that it is a “reality” show makes me think they are just acting to generate interest. I hope they show innkeeping as it really is (despite the above) and that not all inns are “frilly”, and have gnomes in the garden, or are “musty and dusty”. Even in our 1902 Queen Anne (the Albert Shafsky House in Placerville, CA) the frills are kept to a minimum. B&B’s today are attracting all ages, and if this generates more guests (for all of us, not just them), then it is a win for all innkeepers.One note, they need to get a real website–how can you even find the inn, without the help of the Oxygen promos. Most reservations are made online today, particularly by the crowd they say they want to attract.

I did not add how very cheesy the whole thing felt and that I was embarassed for them as I watched. Kinda like watching a train just can't stop....

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