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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some events to consider or near Placerville

Need and reason to get away?

AUGUST 10th, Craft Faire, 8AM - 3PM. Sponsored by the Placerville Downtown Association. For info call (530) 672-3436.

AUGUST 16th, Girls' Night Out, 6PM to 9PM. Sponsored by the Placerville Downtown Association. For info call (530) 672-3436.

SEPTEMBER 28th, Antique Street Faire, - 8AM to 3PM. Sponsored by the Placerville Downtown Association. For info call (530) 672-3436.

OCTOBER 5th, Hangtown Jazz Jubilee, 11AM – 5PM. For info call (530) 622-8186.

OCTOBER 18th, Art & Wine Festival, 6PM – 9PM. Sponsored by the Placerville Downtown Association. For info call (530) 672-3436.

OCTOBER 31st, Trick or Treat on Main Street, 4PM to 6PM. For info call (530) 672-3436.

NOVEMBER 28th, Festival of Lights, 5:30PM – 8PM. Sponsored by the Placerville Downtown Association.For info call (530) 672-3436.

NOVEMBER 28th & 29th, Merchants Open House, Extended Hours. Sponsored by the Placerville Downtown Association.For info call (530) 672-3436.

DECEMBER 7th, 31st Annual Christmas Parade, 1PM. on Historic Main Street.Sponsored by Jim & Cathy McIntire.For info call (530) 621-5885.

Of course you can contact us at the Albert Shafsky House B&B in Placerville to arrange a room at the inn.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

August 9 & 10 wine events....near our Placerville Inn

This from an email we just recvd at our Placerville B&B....."The four wineries located on Slug Gulch Road (Colibri Ridge, dkcellars, Oakstone and Obscurity Cellars) in the Fair Play American Viticultural Area will hold an event on August 9 & 10 from 11-5 featuring wines made from grapes grown along this famous trail to an old gold mine. Slug Gulch Road has a unique microclimate which provides the wines with exceptional depth, color and vibrancy. Over the one-half distance mile spanned by the four wineries, the elevation varies from 2300 to over 2700 feet, and the temperatures grow warmer as the higher elevations are reached. As a result, grape varieties which rarely ripen at these altitudes reach unusual levels of flavor and balance, and the wines made from them reflect that richness.

Wines from grapes grown in this area have won over twelve gold medals and double gold medals in competitions this year, including Best of Class awards for several varieties and Best Red Wine of the Sierra Foothills at the California State Fair. Each of the four wineries will offer special snacks, including a cold chicken, asparagus & feta salad with a sweet Dijon mustard dressing at dkcellars, mini tri-tip sandwiches at Colibri, and Susan’s stuffed grape leaves will complement the wines from both Oakstone and Obscurity in Oakstone’s barrel room.

People who visit all four wineries will be given a commemorative corkscrew with the SlugFest logo. In keeping with the tradition of Fair Play at the Slug Gulch Wineries, there is no charge for this event and everyone is welcome. For more information, visit any of the wineries’ websites:,,,"

Friday, July 25, 2008

Are you dreaming of running an inn?

So many of our guests think that they would like to run and inn some day....when they retire....

Here are some books you should read if you think you want to run a Bed and Breakfast Inn--whether is is a California property or elsewhere.

Keep in mind that while you may "retire" to run an inn, it is still a profession and does involve work...and more laundry than you can imagine! Innkeeping as a profession is a great, wonderful business, that will demand time, energy and effort--all to make it look effortless!

That being said, visit your library or local book store to see if they have copies of
" So... You Want To Be An Innkeeper" by Mary Davies, et al.
" How To Open And Operate A Bed & Breakfast", by Jan Stankus
" Start & Run Your Own B&B Inn", by Ripley Hotch and Carl Glassman
For a lighter, but still very serious look at innkeeping as a profession try the Complete Idiot's Guide to Running a Bed and Breakfast, by Susannah Craig and Park Davis.

We read all of these books and more before jumping in with both feet at the Albert Shafsky House in Placerville.

And feel free to ask questions here....We are always happy to answer.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Interesting: take children to an inn?

Many people associate inns with antiques and peace & quiet, but there is certainly no "rule" about this. Our policy at the Albert Shafsky House B&B is that only 2 persons are allowed in the room if you want to bring your daughter or son, and that means there are now 4 in your would need to rent 2 of our rooms. That is certainly fine to do, and if you are bringing your son or daughter as a single traveler, we would be delighted to have the 2 of you stay with us....

Here is the article in the paper that prompted me to post this....

Travel Q & A: Why are children not generally welcomed at bed-and-breakfast inns?

Article Launched: 06/23/2008 11:38:39 AM PDT in the San Jose Mercury News.

Why are children not generally welcomed at bed-and-breakfast inns? I would like to understand the rationale behind this rule. And it would be wonderful if you could write about inns that are kid-friendly.
- Kim Nguyen, San Jose Imagine all the couples sitting at B&B breakfast tables right now, reading this and choking on their freshly baked orange-currant scones at the very prospect of a rug-rat invasion!
But before banishing you and your little darlings to a campground, we decided to check with the California Association of Bed & Breakfast Inns for a little history and a policy update.
"Historically, B&Bs have been associated with romantic getaways and offer quiet, quaint retreats from the hustle-bustle of life," said Stacy Rollo, spokeswoman for the California association. "Many inns still cater to this customer and want to be known as a quiet haven."
But, like others in the lodging industry, B&Bs have had to change with the times. Parents increasingly want to take their children along on long-weekend getaways, and many crave a civilized inn experience.
In fact, for the past five years, Rollo says, the industry has heard from more and more families who want to shun the high-rise hotel experience.
So now, 25 percent of the California association's 300 inns are family-friendly.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Madrona Vineyards release party on July 13th from 12-4

Join us up at Madrona Vineyards for the Nebbiolo release party on Sunday, July 13 from noon til 4 pm. Taste the Nebbiolo, their classic Italian wine and enjoy Pasta Putenesa lunch, fresh Olive Oil and top it all off with true Italian gelato! Just $5 per person. For more information call Madrona at 530-644-5948

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

6 years at the inn....

This month brings warmer days to Placerville but some very cool events!

Also, we have a new adventure for you to try: balloon rides over Coloma and El Dorado Hills by Give them a call at 888-FLY-0484.

This month also marks our 6th year here in Placerville at the inn. Thank you so much to all of you for supporting us!

Your Innkeepers, Rita and Stephanie (and Lily!)

Some great events in July and beyond....

We still have water to raft the american if you want to cool off during the hot summer day. Another place to stay cool are the many nearby mines...always an even temp, no matter how warm it is outside.

July 13, 2008 Wine Release * Madrona Vineyards in Apple Hill invites the public to its Nebbiolo 2005 Release party also featuring pasta, cheese pairing, gelato and more. Cost of this Italian event is $5 per person.

July 19, 2008 Third Saturday Art Show * Historic Main Street galleries and merchants in Placerville stay open late for shopping and evening art shows every third Saturday of the month.

July 27, 2008 Summer Wine Fest * At this Farmers' Market style event, Madrona Vineyards in Apple Hill invites the public to sample fresh fruit, veggie and cheeses from local growers and merchants. On site will be BBQ ribs, fresh peaches and the 2006 Zinfandel.

Sunset Sippin at Boeger Winery June 6-August 22, 2008 from 5-8 pm (Excluding Friday, July 4th)

Apple Hill season kicks off Labor Day Weekend

Apple Hill is a wonderful place to get some apple, try some cider, and lots of apple related goodies and do some unique gifts. Running thru Nov, Apple Hill is extremely popular and we book up well in advance for the weekends, so make your reservations soon.

The Apple Hill® Growers Association, located in Camino, CA, was once a fledgling association comprised of 16 original ranches. Today it boasts more than 50 ranches including Christmas tree growers, wineries, a micro brewery, Spa and vineyards. (Apple Hill Growers Office: 530-644-7692).

Come to the Apple Hill® ranches and find a day filled with old-fashioned fun. Plan a picnic on the lush land that surrounds these exciting ranches. Their doors are open and the growers have gone the extra mile to ensure your family a day that they will remember.

The view from Wofford Acres Vineyards, worth a stop on your Apple Hill travels.

More Apple Hill info

Spotlight on: Sequoia

Next time you visit us, be sure to stop by the Sequoia Restaurant just a block from the inn. This restored Victorian mansion serves wonderful cuisine in lovely surroundings.

Occupying the historic Bee-Bennett House, Sequoia offers a variety of seating options. Seating in the Main Dining Room is clustered around the original 1853 fireplace. Through the stunning wisteria blooms of the stained glass window, you can peer into the tree shaded outdoor Patio. From the Entrance Hall, you will find the Main Bar with its historic fireplace, elaborate mirrored back bar, and jeweled leaded glass window. Or, you might be seated on the spacious Veranda. Here on a warm, summer evening you can enjoy a view over the activity of Bee Street just beyond herb garden, as the soft water playing from the fountains mingles with the chatter and bustle of those gathering for their special event in the Empire Ballroom.

Read on...

Some Like It Hot!!!

When the temp goes up, take a break in Placerville. We are usually cooler here in the foothills, but take advantage when we are not! 10% off when the temp goes between 80-85, and 15% off if it goes higher (during your stay in July & August)....Monday-Thursday. New bookings only.