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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Guest review from I Love Inns

We have the best guests!!!

Here is what the new review has to say about us "A review has been posted about your inn!

I have never had the opportunity to stay at a B&B before, and was blown away at
how quaint and lovely it was. It was like staying at the perfect "grandma's
house" without the family dramas...
The food was amazing, it was clean and neat. The bedding was THE BEST!  I've
stayed at 5 star hotels before, many times, but nothing compares to the sheets
that they used. The house is located within walking distance to the center of
Placerville, making for an easy afternoon/evening out. We came home to a fire in
the fireplace, beautiful music playing and a great bottle of wine from a local
winery.  We will be going back!

They gave you 5 out of 5 hearts."