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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Innkeeping ideas

I have neglected to post since the conference, sometimes time does get away from you when you are an innkeeper! And not just bed and breakfast duties intrude, sometimes just life in excuse, but there you are.

The innkeeping conference was great (as usual) and we got to see old friends and make new ones--just like at the inn, picked up some new items (booties for the rooms from Cypress Robes, and for sale) and some new and old I really need to revisit our business plan and do a SWOT of how we are doing. It has been too long and I would really prefer to have a plan, rather than react to the environment...

Conferences are a great way to reinvigorate yourself and the inn, with new innsights (pun intended) and a change of pace. And being away does not hurt either, as it provides a break from the routine and a chance for us to experience the service we offer.

In the category of odd, Tori Spelling was at the bed and breakfast inn conference as they have opened a bed and breakfast in Southern California for fun? and are planning to have their adventures filmed. More on that in the next post.

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