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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Inn Software for your bed and breakfast

If you are looking for some reasonable software to manage your property that is very easy to set up and simple to navigate look no further. I recently put My Inn Reservations thru some testing am found it to be all of the above.

Here is a sample screen shoot from their homepage.

The software was designed by a bed and breakfast owner and they created it specifically for small inns and bed and breakfasts using Windows XP or Vista. The advantages over pen & paper are many:

Track reservations.
Keep a database of customers.
Create invoices.
Easy to change and update rates, services.
General tax reports.
Revenue Reports .
E-mail confirmations.

I was very happy to see how easy the progam was to use, and had it up and running my bed and breakfast in about 10 minutes. I loaded the guests from March and played with their rooms, email confirmations, ran reports, and added services to their room stay. I loved how simple the navigation was and the calendar, seen above, that makes it so easy at a glance to see what rooms are booked for the day.

The software can be used on a trial basis to see if you like it and if you decide to keep it, they email the registration key to "unlock" it for permanent use. At only $299.95 it is very reasonable, compared to some other programs that have been marketed to innkeepers. If you are still using pen and paper, think about upgrading and the advantages you will have. At least try it out--you may get hooked.

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