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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yes, the inn is haunted!

The team also found this out about our bed and breakfast in Placerville.

Now let's see what Robert's FINDINGS and CONCLUSION are. Did Robert's team capture EVPs or any photographic evidence? Let's see, Robert take it away:

ROBERT REPPERT: There was a great amount of voice phenomena in the kitchen area, and also in the area where the piano once was. The voice phenomena was extremely audible on the stairs, and it is clear that you can hear Albert Shafsky say "Christmas party" which was interesting in itself, as he was Jewish. He speaks of a "holiday party" for the children, his and his friends, keeping them upstairs until the downstairs is ready for them to see. He also says the word "Memorial". Both these are clearly heard when he was on the stairs, and in the kitchen his voice is heard as well, as is his wife 'Kitty'. We will do further work on getting those words clearly off our equipment, this is a preliminary finding.

There was a great amount of orb actrivity at the bottom of the stairs where the unseen steps go under the building, as well as in the Albert Shafsky bedroom. Shadows appear in the kitchen, stairs, and living quarters which will need further investigation. As we go through the voice phenomena with a fine tooth comb, it is clear there are other words. This is truly a haunted building.

One more thing. Nancy was able to identify that there was a piano in the living room, and was surprised it was on an outside wall. She was concerned as she plays the piano herself, and knows that all pianos must be kept on an inside wall so as not to allow for moisture. However, she has a clarification for the door next to the piano. On first observation she thought it was opened with shelves inside and perhaps some brass parts for instruments. Upon looking at it closer she is certain at 100% that what she thought was shelves, was WOOD PILED UP SIDEWAYS, making it appear to be shelve like. The shiny objects are at the end of what appears to be a wood holding device, so the opening next to the piano held firewood, and the cabinet led to the outside of the building.

This is a truly haunted Victorian building with wonderful clear and happy energy. We do not have Brian or Rodney's findings on their equipment as yet. We intend to come back and spend our anniversary here in November with Stephanie and Rita over a glass or two of wine, our two new friends, seeing what else may be going on.

Robert Reppert

One more thing, let's see what our Evidence Analyst Brian Abeel and Technician Rodney Roberts have to say:

BRIAN & RODNEY'S NOTES (found at this link):

Photos of the Shafsky House can be found here:

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