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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kindle and bed and breakfast innkeepers

I have found a solution to the problem of space for my personal collection of books-- the Amazon Kindle.  This wonderful little devise can hold 200 books on it, and since I love to read, it is practically perfect for me.  There are still a number of books that will stay in the guest area of the inn--in fact nearly all, but my collection will be e-books for now.  Plus Rita won't know how many I have purchased!!!

I am not suggesting that innkeepers get rid of their books that guests enjoy, but if your personal collection is getting too big for the space in your quarters, you might want to consider purchasing a Kindle and having "more room at the inn".

The Kindle has made living at a bed and breakfast so much easier, and since you can download and read a new book without leaving the bed and breakfast, it saves us time and gas as the nearest large book store is about 20 minutes away (a lifetime for some innkeepers).

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