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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is the Albert Shafsky House Haunted?

Yes, we have been wondering that very thing for a long time ourselves.  When Rita and I first moved in there were a number of things that we could not explain and chalked up to being in a new house, exhaustion from moving and learning to be innkeepers....but we also felt like there was more going on....and we were right.

We recently had the experience of having Nancy Bradley and her team of "Gold Rush Ghost" hunters visit and record their experience with us and the home of Albert Shafsky.  Below is a portion of their preliminary report...more to follow.

Submitted by Paul Dale Roberts
"Sometimes when I go to Blockbuster Video, I pick up a few horror movies, like Thirteen Ghosts. That was one scary movie, in which every ghost is hideous and is an imminent threat to the guest's well-being. come I never run into Thirteen Ghosts that will scare the living daylights out of me? Case example, I get a call from Robert Reppert - Head Investigator of Gold Rush Ghosts and his lovely wife Nancy Bradley - Celebrity Psychic. They run down a story to me about a preliminary investigation that Robert Reppert, Rodney Roberts and Catherine Noble did at the Albert Shafsky House B&B. The story is intriguing. Robert wants me on the official investigation. Robert has me hooked, because he also mentions an Indiana Jones meets the Winchester House type of discovery. Robert discovered a stairwell in the basement area that leads to nowhere!

When I arrive to Nancy's home, the paranormal investigative team gathers: Robert Reppert - Head Investigator, Nancy Bradley - Psychic Extraordinaire, Rodney Roberts - Technician, Brian Abeel - Evidence Analyst and of course me, Paul Dale Roberts - Ghostwriter. We gather all the equipment that we will be using this evening of Sunday - May 18, 2008, which includes: thermal reader, digital audio recorders, digital cameras, video cameras, temperature gauges, EMF Readers. We all pile up in the official GRG Truck and head over to the Shafsky House - / 2942 Coloma Street, Placerville, CA 95667.

We are greeted by the owners Rita Timewell and Stephanie Carlson. Two very sweet ladies that have stories to tell. Nancy and I, conducted the interviews for her show Journey into the Paranormal. With the interviews, I learn that Albert Shafsky and his wife Dora Shafsky aka Kitty came to Placerville in 1901. Albert was a dry goods salesman and opened up a department store on Main Street. He was the first man to have glass show windows and he had a milliner who made lady's hats. He built a beautiful home for his wife Kitty and their 2 year old daughter Alberta. He later had 3 more daughters, Verah, Bernice & Jeane. He was to later have a son named Boyd, born in Oakland. Albert became well known in the community and was elected City Council Member from 1906 to 1910 and Mayor of Placerville from 1906 to 1908. Albert and his three brothers came from Kishinvev, Moldavia. His daughter Alberta lived for 103 years. Albert Shafsky is descended from Kopel Yarashafsky of Modavia. "

I will post more in a few days.....

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