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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Want to be an innkeeper?

So many of our guests at the inn have asked us if we love our jobs. In fact, nearly every one of our guests asks us. This question is always interesting, because of course you have to say yes, even if you know that right after your chat, you have to clean two rooms, go to the store, do some marketing, iron eight sheets, set the table, well, you get the idea.

That is not to say the answer is no. In fact it is a yes, we do love our jobs as innkeepers and certainly would not still be running the inn if we did not. It is just such a hard question to answer, because you can't say all the above stuff and not have the guest be shocked at the answer, (and maybe ruin their dream of what an innkeeper does). It is in fact hard work to make running a bed and breakfast look easy--that is the real trick.

If you have questions about what it is like to really run a bed and breakfast inn, ask. We will answer you--at least via this blog.

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