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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Innkeeping 101 or our tips about running a B&B

As an innkeeper for over 5 years (average life style in running B&Bs is 7 years) we can say that it is a wonderful way to interact with guests and to host the traveling public. The most important thing we offer at our Placerville bed and breakfast is us. We are the ones who provide the personal, friendly service at our historic Queen Anne Victorian.

There are as many ways to run a B&B as there are B&Bs. That is not to say that any way is better or worse, professional or more of a hobby. Each B&B is different, thanks to the unique tastes and styles of the those who are the innkeeper.

For instance at our bed and breakfast, the previous owners had a rule about taking your shoes off upon arrival. They provided slippers to make you feel you were at home. Once we took over the bed and breakfast, and the innkeeping duties we changed that. We figured if you want to leave your shoes on you can...that to us is more welcoming. Our guests are free to wear shoes, slippers, socks or go barefoot. It is your stay, and your choice.

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