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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mandarin Festival in Auburn this weekend

Today we headed over to Auburn, about 45 mins. from our Placerville bed and breakfast and went to the Mandarin Festival held at the Placer County Fairgrounds. Quite an event, with lots of goodies to try, including mandarin oil, juice and shakes.

Here is what has to say: Mountain Mandarin Festival In Auburn Celebrates the Start of Holiday Harvest: Nov. 17-18
When autumn days in the Placer County foothills are warm and the nights are cold, mandarin orange growers anxiously await the first blush of color on their fruit. Just before Thanksgiving, samples are eagerly tasted for sweetness and then long hours are spent hand-snipping each stem to bring in the first crop of the season for the Mountain Mandarin Festival in Auburn, California, November 17 and 18.The sweet and tangy citrus scent of Mandarin oranges permeates the crisp November air during the two-day Mountain Mandarin Festival held at the Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn, California. The Sierra Foothills, long-known for the discovery of gold in California, are also known for their golden treasure, the Mandarin orange. The Festival celebrates the start of their harvest. The Mountain Mandarin Festival attracts 30,000 visitors who savor the juicy fruit, which is available only late November through January. Most growers offer the seedless Owari Satsuma variety, often called the zipper fruit because it is so easy to peel.

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