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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Okei-San Month at David Girard

Look what our pals at David Girard have in store for you!!!

Okei-San Month at David Girard
Wakamatsu Ranch Tour
October 16th 10am-12pm

Alan Ehrgott, ARC's Executive Director, will host the ranch tour in Gold Hill and be a guest speaker at the winemaker dinner this month.

DG is offering a special price to ARC members as well as DGV members of $75.00 for the winemaker harvest dinner catered by Mulvaney's Culinary Specialists. Dinner will be held in the tent and the price includes dinner, wine with each course, tax, tip & gratuity.  Reservations are required by 10/18.

10% of all Okei-San wine sold is given to ARC for the Wakamatsu restoration project.
This property is of historical significance as it includes the grave site of one of the Japanese colonists, Okei Ito.  A young girl of 17 when she arrived, Okei died at the age of 19 in 1871.  She lies buried on a hill on the Veerkamp property .  Okei is believed to be the first Japanese woman to die in America and has become a minor but popular folk hero in both Japan and here in California.   Contact David Girard Vineyards for tour or dinner reservations at 295-1833.

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