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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Innkeeping As a Profession (IAP) in Santa Rosa

One of the most valuable aspects of the InnSpire Conference is the Innkeeping As a Profession (IAP) Workshop. This two-day workshop gives aspiring innkeepers an insider’s look at the industry and supports them in pursuing their dream.  The Albert Shafsky House B&B innkeepers have been in attendance for the last several years.  We would not miss the InnSpire Conference for the networking, workshops, and trade show is great for staying current in our profession.

As a CABBI member — we need your help in spreading the word about this educational workshop. If you know an aspiring innkeeper, please encourage them to visit the InnSpire Conference website to view the complete schedule for more information.

If you are an aspiring innkeeper, Click Here to sign up for the Innkeeping As a Profession workshop today!
The Hyatt Vineyard Creek is this year's venue which promises to be great fun.

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