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Saturday, August 19, 2006

So, you think you want to be an innkeeper too?

Rita and I have had so many guests ask us about opening their own inn we decided to post some links to help aspiring innkeepers. Several of these we used as reference in "deciding to leap off the cliff" ourselves.
Find some books on opening your own bed and breakfast here thru

Opening a Bed and Breakfast

So You Wanna Be An Innkeeper

Innkeeping for Dummies

Start and Run a Bed & Breakfast

Another great resource is the CABBI, California State Association of Bed and Breakfast Inns. They offer an aspiring innkeeping class in January during their annual conference.

We have learned much from listening to other innkeepers, reading books and staying at bed and breakfast inns. Of course, much of it we learned by doing since we have had the inn for over 4 years now. Running a bed and breakfast is one of those "dream jobs" that many folks think they would like to try. If you are really interested in running a bed and breakfast, stay at several inns and ask questions. And if you are really committed to the idea of being an innkeeper, ask a bed and breakfast owner if they will allow you to intern at their bed and breakfast to see how you like it.

Of course you may also ask bed and breakfast questions right here too.

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