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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bed and breakfast guide rankings...a great tool for bed and breakfast owners.

This is an excerpt from's report about where bed and breakfast inns can be listed and which of the bed and breakfast guides performed well. It is a very valuable tool for innkeepers, not only as to which ones "work best", but also a good starting point for listing your bed and breakfast if you are just starting out as an innkeeper. I frequently refer to this list and try an ensure we are listed on as many of the bed and breakfast sites as possible, keeping in mind that they all have a cost and time involved in setting up.

The full report can be found from the link.

California Bed and Breakfast Lodging Guide Shootout Ranking Results
In January of 2005, the leaders of CABBI asked me to present the findings from our National Bed and Breakfast Lodging Guide Shootout at their upcoming conference. Following our research and ranking of the national lodging guides, we were curious to see which guides performed best at the state level. To answer this question we completed the California Bed and Breakfast Lodging Guide Shootout and presented the ranking report included below. The slide show for the presentation can be viewed by clicking here.
For a complete explanation of why we ranked the lodging guides, please click here for our original article and also some follow-up notes.

How we ranked the California Bed and Breakfast Lodging Guides
We tested the rankings of 185 web sites all of which were Bed and Breakfast Lodging Guides.
Each of these guides was checked in Google, Yahoo and MSN's new search engine which are the top three search engines currently.
We used a total of 465 search terms including generic California terms such as "california bed and breakfast" and terms for 221 California cities such as "santa barbara bed and breakfast." To ensure we did not simply give higher scores to the guide with the greatest number of listings we only scored a limited number of listings and also compared these scores to average aggregate scores
All of the above constitutes the objective score each guide received. A bonus subjective score was then applied to each guide based on a variety of complex factors. These two scores combined established our rankings and final scores. In the end, 137 lodging guides scored well enough to be included in this report.

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