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Thursday, September 15, 2011

We have the best guests....some recent comments on

We must confess, one of the first things we do when guests leave is read the journal in the room to see if they wrote any comments (good or bad).  It is always a treat for us to find a note from someone, and it is just as fun to wake up to comments posted online like theses two that were left on

"A delightful find in the heart of Placerville. It is within a block from town and the Gandy Dancer dancer room was delightful seeing that appealed to the railroader in myself." 

"We had a lovely stay here. Walked to downtown Placerville for shopping. Walked to Sequoia for a wonderful dinner. Walked to Gold Bug Mine and did some GEO Caching. We also drove to Para Vi for wine tasting, band & dinner. Took off to Ice House Resevouir for another wonderful hike. Great location with lots to do around it. Food & Inn Keepers were awesome!"

Thank you for the comments, they really make our day!!!!

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