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Monday, May 30, 2011

With school out, you might want to visit this site...

The Okei Memorial was placed to honor the first Japanese woman to die in America.  This lovely spot in the corner of Gold Trail School's parking lot is a peaceful place to rest and reflect for a moment.  Okei Ito was just 19 when she passed away in 1871 and was buried on the Verrkamp ranch.  She was a part of a group of 20 Japanese who migrated to Gold Hill from Wakamatsu, Japan after being on the losing side of their civil war.  Here they planet mulberry trees and began the Wakamatsu Tea and Silk Colony.

The site is about a 10 minute drive from our Placerville Bed and Breakfast in El Dorado County.

There is also a geocache placed near the site.

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