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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Don't let the Gold Discovery Park be closed...

So, we went to the Gold Discovery Park today and had a great time....just one is on the list to be CLOSED....

If you can help, we would love it...we have had a number of friends and family, and guests go to the the park and we all love it.  At just minutes from the Albert Shafsky House B&B, this is a one the treasures that we really don't want to lose.

So, here is the page from the website with donation information and places to write letters...and there is a meeting in the park Thursday, August 27 @ 6:00pm in the park by the museum - BRING A FRIEND

Help Stop the Closure of the State Park Where Gold Was Discovered!
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Saturday, 22 August 2009 08:17
Latest Updates

Next Meeting: Thursday, August 27 @ 6:00pm in the park by the museum - BRING A FRIEND
Flyers and posters will be available for download Saturday evening or Sunday. Feel free to copy and hand them out.

What's Going On...
Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park is on the closure list. Not much information is available from the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), and we are told a decision on the final list of closures will not be available until after Labor Day. This is the most significant historic park in the state and probably west of the Missouri river. Over 70,000 school children visit every spring to see the living history Coloma brings to life with docents, tours, and demonstrations of the Gold Rush era. It is the number one destination in the Sacramento area.

The closure will not stop people from coming to the park. Highway 49 runs right through the park and fencing it off is impossible. People will not stop coming and if the State closes it the historic buildings and sites are in danger of vandalism and deterioration. The public safety during closure is of high concern to DPR. Artifacts now in the museum will have to be moved to Sacramento for safe keeping. People will not stop coming to the park. We are determined to stop the closure and keep the staff and volunteer programs.

How you can help:
Write letters, pass out flyers,etc. (Flyers will be posted for download soon.)
Let us know your ideas (contact )

Talking Points for letter writing campaign:
The park won't really close, it will just deteriorate without oversight and upkeep
No security for historic treasures - they will be lost
Thousands of visitors every year will find no parking or public restrooms
Over 70,000 school children visit every year and would be turned away
Living history with historic buildings and docents interpreting the Gold Rush era
Twenty plus years of building a volunteer base will be lost
Public safety, health & welfare must be maintained by keeping it staffed and serviced
It has immense historic and educational value - in California history, and as the nucleus of the CA State Park system
It is a wonderful recreational resource for many types of people and families
It is an important economic engine that many local and CA businesses depend upon
It will be more expensive to try to keep people out than to keep it open & running

How to Help...
Write Letters:
Governor Schwarzenegger - , State Capitol Building, Sacramento, CA 95814
Director of California State Parks Ruth Coleman - , Director of Parks and Recreation, P.O. Box 942896, Sacramento, CA 94296
Legislators in the area and outside the area...
Find your legislator at and and

Distribute Flyers
Download and Print
Flyers (3 on a 8.5x11 sheet) Available soon
Poster (for business windows, mailboxes, etc.) Available soon

Join March on the Capitol
Planning stage - volunteer to help
Needs to happen in next 7 to 10 days

What is being done:
Ron Briggs, 4th district county Supervisor
Working on a request to meet with the Governor
Pursuing political avenues
Holding community meetings
Has put together a resolution to keep the park open
Is putting together a "Red Team" like they did with the Camino Mill closure
Is working to help coordinate local efforts to keep the park open

Community Action Committees being formed
Letter Writing Campaign - contact Lois Fortress,
Contact schools that have visited the park and request they send letters to the Governor or legislatures (teachers, kids, districts, etc)
Create flyers to hand out in community, to teachers, to school children, post in businesses, etc
March on the Capitol - contact Lois Fortress,
Organize children and docents in period dress, if possible, to gather at the capitol on a certain date
Ron Briggs is working on the best date and arrangements
Coordinated by Ron Briggs and Lois Fortress for now, need a chairperson
Impact on Community, contact Marjorie,
The Lotus/Coloma Chamber of Commerce is taking the lead on this one. Info will be posted on
Links will be provided here when available

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