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Friday, September 12, 2008

Innkeeping in Placerville

Some days this is such a small town....we can't walk down historic Main Street without seeing at least 4 people we know....we usually run into folks at the grocery store...and Home Depot....and the restaurants we dine at....and the local events (be they charity or fun!)....our friends even comment on how many people we seem to know in Placerville and we are not locals.

Arriving just over 6 years ago and taking over the inn we did not know a soul here in town - though we had stayed at the inn down the street from us (now a private home) and our existing friends all thought we were nuts to move away from our careers, home and friends--turns out they were right in part--you have to be a bit nuts to run an inn.  But, they (and we) had no idea at the time how much Placerville and our neighbors would come to mean to us (and I hope we mean a lot to them too).  

Some days this is such a small town...and we would not have it any other way....

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