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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Wine in El Dorado, the new gold!

Yes, it is true, El Dorado Makes Wine, Napa Makes Auto Parts!

Seriously, there are a number of great wineries in El Dorado County and for the most part not only is it still pretty much free to taste, but you are likely being served by the winemaker or family member here in El Dorado County.

There is an association of wineries called appropriately enough, the El Dorado Winery Association, aka EDWA, but there are a number of wineries that are not members that are just as good to visit and sample. EDWA wineries have to produce a certain amount, so some wineries are too small to join. EDWA currenly has 24 member wineries, but there are nearly 50 wineries now in the county.

Why not come up for the weekend and sample some (without the traffic of Napa wineries)?

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