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Monday, April 30, 2007

More on Tori and Dean and "reality" TV

A good buddy send me this recent article from the Fallbrook Village News about Tori Spelling's B & B and it turns out Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott DO NOT actually own Chateau La Rue. Which means that all that stuff the media bought from the duo about them taking Tori's pithy $800,000 inheritance from Aaron Spelling and investing it in a B & B is not true.
Reporter Christina Macone-Green writes:
A trip down to the San Diego County Assessors office on April 19 proved to be quite interesting. An assessment clerk, Ms. Lerma, easily pulled up the Chateau La Rue property address and reported that there had been no activity since 2004. There was no new document number and/or transaction for this residence.
"Nothing new has been recorded with the County of San Diego," Lerma said. The assessment clerk explained that the computer systems were up to date, having only a three-day lapse for transactions.
So who are the property owners of this Fallbrook bed and breakfast? There is no one new. "Christopher King and Patricia King are still the owners," asserted Lerma.

Very, I guess the King's are getting a nice piece of change for not running their inn and the "fame" of having Tori and Dean there...explains why they are staying in a trailer...

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