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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bed and breakfast inns

What is different about bed and breakfast inns than more traditional lodging establishments? Many times, the owner of a bed and breakfast is also the innkeeper, cook, gardener, plumber, laundry person and reservation taker and marketing guru.

If staying at a bed & breakfast is romantic and wonderful, that is because the innkeeper works hard to make it so. While running a bed and breakfast can seem like a dream job, there is much work that goes on behind "the curtain".

How do folks who want to make the jump into innkeeping manage it? Some take classes, some stay at bed & breakfasts to ask the innkeeper questions, and some read books about the subject. Others come from hotel backgrounds and are interested in running their own show now. We used a combination of ways before embarking on our journey in Placerville at the bed and breakfast.

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