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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why did we call one of our guest rooms the Gandy Dancer?

Well, because Steph really likes trains...really. Some of you may know her Jeep plate is STM TRNS--get it? Steam trains....

What is a Gandy Dancer? It has been debated but here is a definition from World Wide Words.

Want to know more about railroading? Visit the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento when you are visiting us. We try to go see the latest exhibits at least once a quarter.

Steph also played with big trains before becoming an innkeeper at places like the Golden Gate Rail Museum in San Francisco and the Niles Canyon Railway in Niles, near Fremont, CA.

Not sure what started the love of trains but we have ridden many. Roaring Camp in Felton, is a favorite run thru the redwoods or to the beach in Santa Cruz. Travel over trestles, through towering redwood groves and up a winding narrow-gauge grade to the summit of Bear Mountain as conductors narrate the history of Roaring Camp, the railroad and the forest!

Or the Verde Canyon in Arizona. The Verde Canyon Railroad is the #1 outdoor attraction for visitors coming to Sedona, Arizona and is an easy 25 mile drive southwest on scenic Highway 89A. Of course if you are going to AZ, you might as well take the Grand Canyon train too!

Of course, there are books in the Gandy Dancer about gandy dancers,the Disney Railroad, V&T, SP and the ATSF. Along with photos, models and other books on rail history to get you dreaming of your next trip by rail or building a scale railroad of your own.

The photo above is of the Gandy Dancer at our Placerville bed and breakfast.

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